Me…. the Writer

Behind this blog, i’m Devon Edmondson. Living in a small town in Michigan, at a small school, i went ahead and started a blog on one of the characters in my book that I’m reading for lit comp class. So here’s why….

I’ve decided to take on being Miss Maudie in my blog. I’ve decided on Miss Maudie because she seems like a head strong woman that knows what she is doing in life and knows what she’s worth. She loves to be outside, and so do I!  Even though she is getting older she is still keeping healthy and active to make herself feel young. She always knows what to say, and can take some crap and give it right back to them. Miss Maudie has been though a lot, even in her small town too, there’s mystery and drama that get you wondering about things.

But the main reason I decided to go with Miss Maudie is this….                 she’s not afraid to do something with her life and make it happen..


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