Interviewed and Uncut with Miss Maudie

Interviewer: Thank you for joining me here today Miss Maudie Atkinson!

Miss Maudie: Oh of course! And you can call  me Maudie if you’d like dear!

Interviewer:  Alright! Let’s get into some questions shall we!

Miss Maudie: Go right ahead!

Interviewer: Okay, so there has been a lot of talk on the Tom Robinson case. What do you think about Atticus Finch defending him?

Miss Maudie: Well I have known Atticus since I was little, and he has always been very humble in everything he does, and this case is just another time of him being very humble, and him stepping up to the plate. But after all, he is the only respectful lawyer that would take up this case if any other lawyer were in his shoes.

Interviewer: And have you ever meet Tom?

Miss Maudie: No, but I’ve seen him walk past my house some mid afternoons. Probably walking home from Mr. Dolphus Raymond’s place, which is were is works, is what I’d assume. But I would wave to him, and he’d wave back. Never really talked to him ever though, but seems like a nice man, and nothing has ever led me to not think that.

Interviewer: Very well, now I head a few weeks back that your house had caught on fire. Is this true?

Miss Maudie: Yes it is.

Interviewer: Do you know what caused it?

Miss Maudie: No. Police said that it might of been a gas leak, but I could just have left the oven on, and forgot about it! But who knows!

Interviewer: So you got all the repairs done then?

Miss Maudie: Just about! Made the back porch a bit smaller to put in some more flower beds! Just to keep me busy!

Interviewer: Glad to here Maudie! Well i think that’s about all my questions for you! Thank you for being here!

Miss Maudie: It was a pleasure! I had a blast! Thank you!





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