About Me, Miss Maudie

Hello! My name is Miss Maudie!

I’m always outside tending to my azaleas! I love being outside and being in the beautiful world that God made for all of us! I also love sitting on my porch in the late afternoons, drinking lemonade. I live in a neighborhood that has some interesting stories, but some that are misunderstood.                                                                                                            I live next to the Finch family, there Atticus Finch lives with his two children Jeremy and Jean Lousie Finch, but they go by Jem and Scout. I let ’em play in my yard whenever they want to, as long as they don’t get in my azaleas and ruin my beautiful flower beds. I grew up with their father, at the old Finch’s Landing spot! I was his neighbor back then even, being the daughter of my daddy, Dr. Frank Buford, that owned land right next to the Finch family. My daddy had a profession in medicine, and loved and was obsessed with anything and everything that grew on the ground. It was always so much fun growing up with Atticus and his brother Jack Finch, who would always ask for my hand in marriage just to get my old goat! But that is just good fun!